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The New Lawyers for the New World

From when the firm was founded in Chicago in 1949 to today, with a 13,200 global headcount in 78 offices in 46 countries, Baker McKenzie has been providing sophisticated legal advice to the world’s most dynamic enterprises. We are the leading international law firm that helps clients overcome the challenges of competing in the global economy through a new type of thinking and a different mindset. We have the knowledge and resources to deliver the broad scope of quality services required to respond effectively to both international and local needs  ̶  consistently, with confidence and with sensitivity to cultural, social and legal differences.

We are The New Lawyers.
We are Baker McKenzie.

Baker McKenzie was the first western law firm to obtain accreditation in Soviet times, by opening an office in Moscow in 1989. Today we have one of the largest legal practices in the CIS region, with offices in Almaty, Kyiv, Moscow, and St. Petersburg, offering expertise (in close cooperation with our offices worldwide) on all aspects of investment in the region including:

•           Corporate, Mergers & Acquisitions
•           Employment & Migration
•           Tax
•           International Trade & Commerce
•           Dispute Resolution
•           Antitrust & Competition
•           Banking & Finance  
•           Intellectual Property
•           Real Estate & Construction
•           Technology  
•           Energy, Mining & Infrastructure  
•           Environmental Issues
•           Healthcare  
•           Private Equity

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